Useful Tips

Personal Brand and Image – Similar but Different

These days when I go to a meeting 95% of the time I throw on a blazer, first of all I have a quite a few that I wore when I was styling and designing at a tailor shop, so it would be a shame to let them go to waste. Secondly, regardless of what I am wearing, jeans and a tank top, a dress and sandals, a woollen skirt, boots and a t-shirt… When I throw that jacket on I immediately become Emma Tynan Consulting. It is the image of my personal brand and why I generally keep a simple blazer in my car. It goes with my approach of being relaxed but professional. I like this because it is authentically me and helps me get into work mode and adds that polished finishing touch.


Dog Wisdom – 6 Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs

Outside of the morning routine, they are incredibly loyal, loving, fiercely protective of their space and their loved ones in it (even if they fight with them in private). They are communicative and persistent. If they want to go outside, get into a room, be fed or have a pee. They will work diligently in order to communicate their needs and get them seen to. Dogs also take great pleasure in the little things, like snapping at a fly, flopping on the deck and taking in the world... Just being present.

Privacy for High Profile Clients – 5 Ways To Be Discreet

In the Oxford Dictionary “Discretion” is defined as “The quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offence or revealing private information” in the case of a business owner their client is the private information, which makes that client a bit like “Fight Club” and the we all know the first rule of fight club is “You don’t talk about Fight Club”

The Art of the Sale – 5 Basic Tips

Vincent Swan the lead character reminded me of one of my old bosses, all he cared about was getting rich people to part with their hard earned cash, he wasn't really too concerned how. I remember he used to scream across the room “we don’t sell milk” meaning the sale was not just a transactional process, but a bit of a dog and pony show… The thing is, his idea of a dog and a pony show was very different to mine. Telling the client anything and everything you think they need to hear is not how to build the foundation for long lasting patronage.

The “F” Word – Lessons to Grow From

As humans we are terrified of failure, along with rejection and the word no. This has been a running topic of conversation amongst friends, acquaintances and clients recently. It is incredibly refreshing that failure and what is considered failure has become an open and accepted topic. Instead of using the word failure, the word lesson would be more appropriate. Without lessons we cannot learn and if we do not learn we cannot grow.

Personal Branding – 5 Rules to live by

What is Personal Branding? In short Personal Branding is, what you are known for and what people seek you out for. You are the "Go-to" person on the tip of everyones tongue. Think about your circle of friends in a casual setting and the conversations you have about various aspects for your life. Maybe a friend mentions they are having problems with their car, a specific make of car - Someone always has "a guy" for that and truly believes you should go to them because they are an expert. Maybe you are discussing health and fitness, your friend seriously wants to try Yoga, but yoga instructors are a dime a dozen now and they are having a hard time deciding who, what type and where. Again, a voice will pipe up "I know the most amazing instructor - they are practically a Guru". You get the idea...