Dog Wisdom – 6 Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs

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I’ve learnt a lot and become inspired from spending some really quality time with my dogs… I want to be a bit more like them.

I don’t usually post outside of my weekly article, however this evening I was scrolling through my Facebook posts and came across this little gem that I had shared with my family and friends one morning after watching how zen my fur babies were. I’ve decided to share it here as we really can learn from our furry friends.

Dogs have the most amazing morning routine, it starts with opening their eyes. Seeing their loved ones and showering them with hugs, kisses and quality flopping time (in our case usually on my neck, face or chest).

Then they take some quality “me” time. The first thing they do during the time they take for themselves is get up and stretch (Downward Dog). They then take a drink of water and stretch again. After this they eat, they relax a little and then they start their day. THis usually commences with going outside to pee, take in some nature and exercise (exercise means chasing unsuspecting chip monks or birds). Dogs are always stretching! I think stretching is key here… And the order in which they do things:

1. Love
2. Stretch
3. Drink
4. Stretch
5. Eat
6. Down Time
7. Appreciate Nature
8. Exercise

Outside of the morning routine, they are incredibly loyal, loving, fiercely protective of their space and their loved ones in it (even if they fight with them in private). They are communicative and persistent. If they want to go outside, get into a room, be fed or have a pee. They will work diligently in order to communicate their needs and get them seen to. Dogs also take great pleasure in the little things, like snapping at a fly, flopping on the deck and taking in the world… Just being present.

I’ve decided this is my new mantra: “Be wise like dog”

6 Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs

For our personal lives and business

Have a Routine – Dogs love routine, they know when it is time to get up, when it is time to go to bed and when it is time to eat. If you study them carefully you can figure out what their daily routines are. I know if I go to bed late my dogs will try and herd me towards my bedroom. If I sleep in, they will get me up.

A good routine breeds consistency.

Be Persistent – Dogs Never give up, they always work diligently to obtain what they need even when faced with obstacles. They may accidentally tread on a few toes, but they don’t intentionally hurt anyone in the process and always feel bad after, making up for it with cuddles and kisses.

Persistency will get what you need when it comes from a good place.

Communicate – Dogs are incredible communicators, even though they speak an entirely different language to us they are able to articulate their needs with ease. A dog will change how it communicates in order to get its message across. It will sit by a door to be let out, if you don’t understand that it will bark and if you really don’t get that it will come over to you to get you attention and lead you to the door.

Communication is about saying what is needed so it can be understood.

Keep Disagreements Private – Dogs are pack animals and love their families. A dog may get annoyed with you but if anyone or anything comes after you, it will put aside its disagreements to support and protect you. A dog understands what family and team mean.

Disagreements should be kept private, always keep a united front in the face of adversity.

Be Loyal – Notice when you are ill or tired, a dog will drop everything to spend time with you. Even if you bring home another animal, they might be annoyed for awhile or they may go nuts and want to spend all of their time playing with the new addition. However, when it comes down to it. Your dog will always pick you first and stick with you through thick and thin.

Be loyal, in the age of fickleness, if you believe in someone or something stick with them or it.

Be Present – Dogs remain present and in the moment, they take the time to enjoy every sight, every smell, every sound. They are completely aware of their surroundings and appreciate them. Because of this they are aware of obstacles and rewards.

Be present and aware of the people and environemnt around you in the moment.

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