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Welcome to Emma Tynan Consulting… 

Emma is a freelance “Personal Brand Consultant” from The Greater Toronto Area, she excels in coaching, personal brand development and project management. Many business owners, professionals and creative types go to her because she understands how their minds work and she is able to help keep them organized and exude the image they wish to portray in person, in business and with their online presence… Coaching them to be polished and organized, giving them the time they need to just be and the opportunity to shine.

What do you need to be your best, what is your plan?

  • First appointment is an interview about your business and personal life, what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and concerns? How would you like to grow? What image would you like to portray, what are you willing to invest to grow?
  • Second is strategizing your needs, what and who do you need in place in order to become organized, grow, develop and accomplish your personal goals.
  • Third meeting is to agree on the strategy, the budget, how and when the strategy will be implemented.
  • Fourth we begin to execute the plan in a timely and efficient manner.


… Watch everything in your life grow.